My new toy


This is a non-dirty tag cloud post! Traded an xd45c to a dude for his Sign Sauerkraut P226. This pistol currently has a 22LR caliber slide, barrel and magazine; I can get a slide, barrel and magazine(s) in 9mm, 40S&W or 357 SIG. Definitely going after 9mm, although 357 SIG sounds enticing. I had a P220 (45 caliber, can’t be a smaller caliber in that frame) and a 22 slide. I miss the feel of a Sign 22X series in my hand. SEALs are generally issued a P226 variant with a mil-std rail as opposed to the usual rail.


6 responses to “My new toy

  1. I don’t understand the fascination with the guns… My boyfriend has been going batshit crazy trading around guns the past few weeks. He finally got himself an 1895 nagant revolver but he still doesn’t have what he REALLY wants. =.= I know more about them now than I want to.

    • 80% of my adult life’s profession has revolved around the competent employment and maintenance of firearms; my intended career field also does. Additionally, having one and carrying it where I live goes a long way.

      • Oh, no, I get that… it’s the ones that don’t need them that throw me off… Or the obsessively mooning… I just realized this could be akin to girls mooning over jewelry… nevermind. >.<

  2. what a huge coincidence! I fired the very same gun last weekend at my local shooting range. I’m very much considering a Sig instead of a Glock 17 for my first pistol purchase.

    • If you havent shot the G17, shot it before you buy. That being said, dude, go with the Sig. I have a G17, I had a P220, and Now i finally have a P226. Sigs are my,favorite, hands down. I like them more than 1911’s, and for the gun community, thats a bold statement.

      • I’ve shot the G17 several times. And now the Sig. The Sig is more expensive, but it felt better in my hands. Also shot the G21 last weekend – wow, a lot of kick to that.

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