Warning, and finally done

Ok, so whoever came to my blog with the search term “slipping ambien to my wife” you seriously, SERIOUSLY, need to reconsider what it is that you’re doing, and how much you care for your wife.  Unless you have a court order granting you conservatorship over her, you have no moral, or legal, right to medicate her without her permission.  I’ll be corresponding with WordPress on this matter, I hope it was a massive autocorrect fail and if not, I hope you are the subject of an investigation.  —mid-post update: I let WordPress know.  I’ll be assisting them in whatever way I can.

In personal news, I just finished up two classes that I’ve been dealing with since January.  In January, things in my life, mainly my marriage, turned to poop and I jusdt couldn’t be a student, so I got a 5 months leave of absence right before my semester ended.  Then After that, I got a one month extension right before the 2nd attempt through.  I don’t know if I passed one of the two classes or not, I could not muster the effort and intelligence to write a 15 page paper on a particular topic.  Pass or fail, I need to move on, even if it does screw up my GPA.

In good news, I’m active with the two classes I started on the first.  And we had a productive marriage counseling session this afternoon.  We sit on the same love seat and I put my arm around her; we did at the other therapist and this one.  At one point she put a pillow between us; bRaving Bipolar immediately made to move back close to me, and I immediately moved to put my arm around her again, so the therapist put ANOTHER pillow in between us and told me to take my arm down (it was a humorous thing, she was trying to illustrate a point).  Even more humorous was when she asked bRaving Bipolar what the two pillows meant; straight faced and confident, bRaving Bipolar responded “the two men I slept with.”  All three of us laughed at that one, it was actually funny.


One response to “Warning, and finally done

  1. O.O Slipping ambient… To… Who even… Wow… Just wow… I’m glad you could get in touch with wordpress about cause… Wow…

    But Yay for you two being all inseparable and cute! Sorry for being the random creepy stalker follower but I’m happy for you! It takes massive amounts of strength to overcome what you two have. The fact that you’re doing it together is even more amazing.

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