After The Betrayal

Today’s guest blog post has been written by thepillarsofherearth based on his experience with polygraph techniques.

We have all heard of the “lie detector test” and at least heard of day-time talk shows using them to determine whether or not a man or woman cheated on their significant other. If they detect lies, why aren’t they seeing widespread use? The answer is: they don’t detect lies. Well if that is the case, what does it do and why should I care? To answer that, we’re going to venture in to the intelligence world, and I’m talking about collecting and collating information, not the capacity to learn. Specifically we are going to see how the polygraph works, when it might not work, and where it fits into on the human intelligence (HUMINT) spectrum. Let’s get started with the polygraph.

According to,Johnson (1987, p 46) the polygraph is…

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