Missing posts…

There are a bunch of posts from blogs that I follow that aren’t showing up in my Reader feed.  So if you get a notification that I’m now following you and you thought I was previously, chances are I unfollowed you and subscribed again.  



I have a fairly big need to be spontaneous lately, and have very little set in stone.  It’s a change from normality, I usually like to have an idea of what’s going to happen ahead of time.  

So much for honest discussion…

As a side note, I’ve made several of my posts public again, and as I review them I will continue to make more public.  I won’t edit them, so anything that comes back public will be unchanged from it’s original form.


If you’ve read some of my posts over the last month you’d notice that some of them were politically charged.  Something that annoys the poop out of me is when someone wants “honest discussion” about something but threatens to not publish further comments or ban users all-together from forums, blogs, facebook pages, because of opinions that aren’t popular with the owner or group.

This kind of thinking is how bad plans get put into place and everybody stands around with the universal “WTF?!” shoulder shrug when the execution displays the horrible planning.  It’s also how things like the Jewish and Armenian Holocausts happened.


Remember the fallen…

We have the privilege of enjoying our Christmas and New Year holiday relatively conflict free.  Whether or not you believe in the validity of the last few wars that the United States has fought in, I believe we can all recognize that we enjoy our holidays with a certain amount of peace and security because of the sacrifice made by men and women of the military who have come before, are serving now, and will serve in the future.

I hope that they return alive and uninjured, but that just isn’t realistic.  It is my duty to remember those who didn’t return alive and to do what I can to raise my children in a way that honors the past and facilitates a positive future.

Cothran, Mayorga, Winslow, Heflin, Shea: I’m on duty, your legacy is safe with me.

memorial rifle cross

Sleep Study Partu Duex

Now I get to go sleep with a CPAP mask on, and the same wire attachment array as before.  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow maybe.
Our 7 year anniversary is next week, and falls on a Friday, which also happens to be my regular day off. I am hoping that I can get through the 27th ok. That is the one year anniversary of “that” day.
We are in a good spot right now. There are some things I would like to see change, but I can wait patiently because when other things get sorted out, the changes I’d like to make may happen automatically. We have been spending good time together lately and watching old Saturday night live episodes.before bed, so we go to sleep after a lot of laughing. Other than seeing the date on the calendar and knowing what happened, and the.occasional thoughts that occur when I’m unoccupied, I have had very little reminder of the affairs and am at a place where I feel like I can really begin to understand how my wife’s symptoms work; what triggers them, what calms them, what worsens them. At the very least I know that she loves massages and hates people on facebook at about 6pm.
Been feeling burned out after work lately. I’m working pretty far outside the established orders and regulations, by necessity, because they don’t cover situations like this. More of a case of not wanting to be the focal point of decisions and responsibility all day long right now. Not just at work, but at home too. It can be frustrating when I’m asked for information from people all day, and pushed for information and decisions by family members. Like a recent road trip: my mom, dad and grandma wanted us to drive to a place 3 hours away from us, because it was closer to them, so they could give the kids their presents. We proposed a place that was a 3 hour drive for them and a 2 hour drive for us. Somebody was driving 3 hours and another was driving 2. Here’s the catch: I had a proctored final on my religious extremism class early that evening, and they wouldn’t be leaving until 11. So we cancelled, and my mom immediately began pushing me for a decision on another meeting place and time, and so did my wife. Eventually a solution presented itself, but not before I got a little disappointed in myself for making the decision to not make a decision (yes, that is a decision you can make-always 3 options in a “this” of “that” choice).



If one wants to be an owner of firearms for self defense, whether just at home or also carrying while out and about, there is a moral responsibility charged to you from within the firearms community to get training and continue to practice. It is not enough to know where the safety is; understanding how your chosen tool mechanically functions, and things you can do to make you a better owner are critical. For example: carrying a spare magazine. It is there to serve as a source of ammunition should your first magazine fail or you find yourself the target of multiple assailants. On sights: if you can’t see them clearly, speak to a certified firearms instructor or do some google research. XS Big Dot would be a foot set in that instance, but for most of us, 2 or 3 dot sights will be fine.
Day or night sights? I prefer night sights but know this: if you can’t clearly identify your target, don’t shoot.

On firearm mods: again, consult with some instructors and do some google research to see what others are doing. Be cautioned: you should run at least a few hundred rounds through before you decide to change anything. The problem, like a stiff or heavy trigger, may work itself out during the break in process.

Mods I recommend:

1. Sights-if you don’t like the factory sights, find another set

2. Grips-if the gun slips out of your hand or is uncomfortable, find a set of grips that work or apply grip tape (most polymer pistols don’t have removable grips)

3. Action enhancement package-a smoothing of the “action”.  Includes trigger, trigger bar, hammer, and sear (hammer and sear if hammer fired)

4. Extra magazines and extra magazine springs-Magazine bodies and followers generally don’t wear out that often, but the springs sure as heck do.  Have extra springs for your magazines, they are much cheaper than you buying another magazine.

5. Extra parts for your firearm-extra springs, guiderod, bushing (1911 style pistols), action parts

My personal favorite is the Beretta 92FS.  After spending a butt load of time and thousands of rounds on one in the Corps (technically an M9, barely different) I decided to buy one.  A quick list of the things around it, from the top right running clockwise are: add-on SGS-type Compensator, Surefire rail adapter, Surefire X200 Flashlight, and a spare 9mm magazine.  I’ve got about 15 magazines somewhere in my house, only 4 are loaded with 9mm ammo right now.  The rail adapter clamps on to the trigger guard and the light clamps on to that, so you have a flashlight on your pistol.  Useful at night INSIDE your house.  Don’t go outside your house after someone, and don’t use this like a “flashlight” inside your house or you might find yourself pointing a pistol at a loved one just to make sure they’re a loved one.


So in summary: be a responsible owner by getting training, keep practicing, modify your firearm for your needs.  If you need mental health help, go get some.