Quick Comment on recent mass shootings

Listen guys and gals,

Firearms aren’t responsible for mass shootings and restricting them isn’t going to stop mass shootings, or reduce their frequency.  The occurrence of mass shootings is a MORAL problem with the person.  They feel that they have lost control of some, or all, aspect of their life and that the only way to re-establish that control is to violently attack whatever it is they believe has robbed them of their control.  It seems illogical and impossible for you to understand because you haven’t been pushed to that point of action yet.

Your understanding of that concept is based on your ability to OBJECTIVELY view someone else’s perception separate from the constraints of your own existence.  It doesn’t matter if I say the Kindergartners aren’t responsible for the loss of control he feels in his life; he will still feel that way.  People are going to be able to obtain things they shouldn’t have and use them in ways they shouldn’t, and we shouldn’t stick our head in the sand and say “if we legislate those things away, they won’t be able to get them anymore!” and be done with it.  Punishing the law abiding because of people who choose not to abide by the law is not the answer.  Realize that these locations are targeted for mass shootings because there is little to no chance that the intended targets will be able to escape or mount an effective resistance.  This isn’t political, this isn’t capitalizing on a tragedy, this is reality.  Virginia Tech, Columbine, Mumbai, Sandy Hall, the Holocaust.  All places where the targets were not allowed to be armed in the places where they were killed.

2 responses to “Quick Comment on recent mass shootings

  1. I am a liberal who does not particularly like guns but I AGREE COMPLETELY with your message! It is not the guns fault. Bad people find a way of doing bad things. This was a mentally disturbed individual doing something they thought needed to be done, however illogical, immoral, or evil it might seem to us. We don’t need tighter gun control. We need ways of dealing with mentally ill people better, faster, and BEFORE something like this occurs. Well said, Pillars.

  2. You’re right that guns are not solely to blame. Of course it is the person’s fault, and if someone really wants to kill others, than they will do it, guns or not. And, of course, everything can be used as a weapon. You don’t see a lot of mass killings with knives, though. Or pepper spray. Or even bombs (pipe bombs, homemade – not govt bombings). Guns are easy to obtain and easy to use. Society has evolved for the worse. People are now looking for easy ways to take out their anger on others. I am actually a libertarian, and do not think MORE govt control is usually the answer, but I think greater restrictions may be good in this day and age. Things are very different than when our founding fathers wrote the Constitution and said it was our right to have guns.

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