What do laws do?


A law tells you what conduct is unacceptable, and the consequences for violating that law. This does not prevent someone from breaking the law, otherwise we wouldn’t have murders, drug trafficking, human trafficking, sex slavery, or theft. So, what stops those from happening? Security measures. You lock your house up and valuables so they dont get stolen; you dont take drinks from people you don’t know at bars and clubs so you don’t end up raped, or a victim of the sex trafficking industry. In order to counter someone who means to be violent with you, you either have to not be present, or generate more violence atba faster rate than they can. Being killed and leaving your children father or motherless is not morally superior to having to explain to your children that you killed a person trying to hurt you. If you feel that your death is morally superior to theirs, you’ve made your own choice to not survive. Don’t think that you can decide for me whether or not I can survive. Consider that the three most firearm restrictive states, California, Illinois and New York, have the highest murder rates with firearms; in those states most citizens aren’t even legally allowed to carry them.


2 responses to “What do laws do?

  1. Good point about CA, IL, and NY. I suppose if the murderers and rapists were afraid that the next person they attacked could blow their brains out, they might think twice before committing that crime. I can imagine crime would be lower in a place where ppl can carry concealed weapons. You never know who you may be messing with.

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