Ghosts of deployment past…

I was talking to a good friend of mine that was in the Marine Corps when I came in about our last deployment together.  I looked up to him because he was where I wanted to be when I came in.  So while we were on our deployment we both drew the ire of our Section leader, to the tune of just this side of attempted murder, or non-negligent homicide.  4 times, that I knew of, we were told to move up (in humvees) to a specific place and hold the ground there; what we weren’t told is that we were driving by an IED.  At one point we drove by 4x 152mm artillery rounds.  1x round would have knocked everybody out, maybe killed everybody; 4x rounds going off at once would have resulted in nothing left for a funeral.  At one point we spoke to our commander and attempted to get our immediate NCO relieved, but that didn’t happen.  A few months later the same NCO in charge got two people hurt through dereliction of duty, and was still left in place.

He still had the same vigilance and control issues that I have; that I have to be vigilant for me, that no matter what I do to change things around me, my life is not in my own hands.  It isn’t a “Your life is in God’s hands, halleluja!” thing.  Let’s be real; I’m Catholic, and I believe that man has to save himself and is responsible for himself.  It’s why we have mass, it’s why we have communion, it’s why we have confession.  But, I digress.

It was refreshing to hear that I wasn’t the only one coming out of that deployment with control issues.  I actually feel better about it right now; I don’t feel so broken, and I don’t feel like such a pussy.

-some language was used and sentences worded differently than I would have used intentionally.

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