A quick note about political parties

I don’t “claim” any party in particular and am willing to vote for a candidate who aligns, by voting history, adherence to previously stated positions, and currently stated positions as opposed to what letter follows their name.  That being said, here is a key piece of advice that ALL voters should know, but most democrats will ignore:

The Democrat Party, The Republican Party, The TEA Party, The Independent Party, The Green Party, all of the political parties currently in, or striving for position in the executive or legislative branches don’t give a flying rat’s ass about you.  They care about your vote, and they only care about that every couple of years.  

If they cared about you, things like sequestration wouldn’t be happening.  Things like the Affordable Healthcare Act wouldn’t have been so costly.  Insider trading would have been illegal for the executive and legislative branches from the beginning.  Career politicians would never have existed.  

That is all, go back to Teen Mom, or Jersey Shore, or whatever other stupid shows are on.  If you aren’t watching Archer or Southpark, you’re wrong.  


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