The lengths that some people will go to hold on to grudges, and insulate themselves from opinions that aren’t in line with their own; in addition to the rampant hypocrisy and judgement being spewed forth while condemning those who express an opinion about“judge” others.

You can hide from reality, but you can’t change it.

Home Alone

Don’t just have the house to myself, I have myself to myself.  Moved the wife and kids across the state last week so that our oldest could start first grade and we could “commit” to moving from here to our hometown.  The last week has been rough.  bRaving Bipolar had been really busy and not sending text or replying as much so I got a little scared that there was an unspoken problem between us; I cleared that up.  

In the weeks leading up to the move I’d been shutting down inside and avoiding EVERYTHING.  I didn’t want to do anything, I didn’t want to take care of anything, I got highly agitated when someone would ask me to do anything, ESPECIALLY if they asked me multiple questions about the same thing that I hadn’t done-as if “no, I haven’t done anything about it” wasn’t enough.  

I’m an INTP.  No matter how much you get on my ass about something, it isn’t getting done until I’M ready to do it.  

I felt bad because bRaving needed me to be more active and I just couldn’t, and I felt like I wasn’t in control; because I wasn’t.  I wasn’t doing anything, so I was being asked to do things, purely reactive.  I was driving to pick the kids up after a weekend with our families in our hometown and I was able to convince myself to be more active.

So here I am more active at home.  Actively sleeping in! Woot!  I spent the last week doing school work and doing some light cleaning up around the house, the next few weeks will be yard cleanup and moving things to the storage unit.  I really miss my kids though.

The other thing I have going on is I have my GoRuck Challenge on the 7th, and that is going to be painful.