Who knew there was a martial art called Lean Six Sigma?

Provided I pass the exam tomorrow I will be a “trained” Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma.

Crazy stuff.  I’ve been doing, or attempting to do, some of the things I’ve been taught this week; the LSS is definitely a more organized approach.  Thankfully I’m not the only person from my organization attending, so I won’t be returning and my bosses won’t adopt the “Now go do Lean Six Sigma” approach; hopefully.  

My other laptop pooped the bed and the refurbished one just arrived in the mail today; finally loaded Office and Visio 2013 on it this evening.  

When I get back next week I will work with the other members that I attended the course with to develop a certification program to lend some legitimacy to anybody who gets trained in the future, and possibly even grow a CPI office out of it in a few years.  

In the mean time my mom came to town this past weekend and I had a blast painting the house with her!  The painting is 95% done!

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