Told her how I felt

Told bRaving Bipolar how I felt about our upcoming move (for those of you not familiar, she’s my wife).  She’s been living in our hometown for the last 2 months while I’ve been slowly getting the house ready.  After she left, and I had to go through furloughs, I had a change of heart and decided that the move wasn’t the greatest idea for our family.  I was holding back, and when she came in a few weekends ago she wanted to talk jobs; so I let her know how I felt.  We had some good conversation and I stuck through a very uncomfortable conversation, which I don’t normally do, and she worked with me.  



4 responses to “Told her how I felt

  1. That’s great! communication is hard, but doing something you feel is a huge mistake without at least talking about it, will only make things worse. Good for you. I hope the outcome is greener for you?

  2. Don’t you get a huge sense of achievement when you stick it out, especially when it gets hard!

    Great work, showing some great character development 🙂

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