Happy Birthday Marines

Go get drunk, cause trouble, employ a condom, hold the door for the ladies, compose yourself before speaking to the children who will be in awe of you, don’t drink and drive, and leave your NCO sword (if you have one) in your fucking hotel room.  

Image—if you see someone pull this out in a tense situation, run or join his/her side of the argument.  


Don’t forget to watch the Commandant’s birthday message, and then get knifehanded at the end by the person who banned knife-hands in the Marine Corps.  It’s actually really motivating, so if you are a civilian, I’m knife-handing the monitor and telling you to watch it anyway.  You can’t argue with 238 years of ass-kicking awesome.  


If you EVER have the opportunity to attend a Marine Corps Ball, fucking take it.  You will love it, if only because you get to watch dudes in dress blues make epic asses of themselves while powered by alcohol and cake, after watching them do some nice drill during a ceremony.