Short soapbox rant about democrats and republicans

I’ve seen and heard a lot of political talk lately, because the country has become so polarized about politics.  If the first thing you have to say has anything to do with talking points, you probably don’t know what you’re talking about.  If you use words like “Obamacare”, you’re more interested in emotions than actual information.  If you drop the race, or sex card, you’re a fucking idiot.  

I was pretty disgusted with the campaign adds for Terry McAuliffe here in Virginia.  He may have ran them, but with the 2 hours of road time a day, and half an hour of youtube time (I use youtube to listen to music I’m too lazy to buy) I spent being bombarded by campaign adds during regular programming, I heard one add, 3 times in 3 months about why I should vote for Terry McAuliffe.  The rest of the 3 months I heard adds about why I shouldn’t vote for Ken Cuccinelli.  Am I endorsing or condemning either one here?  Nope.  

The most disturbing thing is the treatment of the Homosexual orientation, Christians, and TEA party groups/members.  There is no good reason to not let someone get married.  Technically, if you’re Catholic, a government sanctioned marriage (which is what a marriage license is) is not a sacrament, you actually have to be married by a Priest in accordance with the doctrine of the Catholic Church.  Government recognition of a marriage simplifies inheritance, custody, property split, and authority in the event that someone is incapacitated.  It has little to nothing to do with religion other than many people celebrate their marriage in a religious location and have the event officiated by a religious clergyman.  

Christians are starting to feel the pain of discrimination.  Let’s take the recent Duck Dynasty incident.  I don’t watch the show myself, but unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that a major figure in the show was suspended indefinitely for saying that homosexuality is a sin during an interview with GQ magazine.  That isn’t all he said, but I’ll save the rest of it for later.  Disagreement does not equal hate or discrimination.  How many of us disagree with the life choices of friends, siblings, parents?  My brother married two women, and I didn’t think that he should have married either one.  The first he divorced; the second will be his ex-wife as soon as he can finish the court proceedings and wait for the paperwork.  I don’t love him any less, I don’t treat him any differently.  I won’t be naive and think that people don’t get treated differently, but the difference between disagreement and discrimination really boils down to me being able to impact your life with some kind of power I have, such as you coming into my business and trying to buy a cake, and I say no because I disagree with your homosexual lifestyle.  Might there be some over-reaching law out there?  Sure.  Is it over-reaching and discriminatory against the opposing side of the argument?  You betcha.  By the way, the guy said he loved everyone.

TEA Party.  You guys and gals have REALLY had it rough.  Republicans, democrats, and the media have trashed you left and right because you held enough of the voter demographics to threaten the balance of power and you may have created a viable third party from the grass roots.  I’ve heard a few people from both parties openly say in conversation that they think parties other than the two should be outlawed.  This is in addition to several people who have already said that TEA partiers and republicans should be hung, shot, or dragged behind a truck until only rope is left.  I’ve also heard the common “tea baggers” and “tea brains”, “democraps” and “rethuglicans” used.  Kinda like my first paragraph; when you start using terms like that, nobody that isn’t already indoctrinated (because you would be indoctrinated if that’s how you refer to your opposition) will pay attention to you.  


Stop being douchebags to eachother.


Remembering the shock of it all…

I was just talking to bRaving Bipolar on the phone about our trip through bipolar land since she’s been diagnosed in April 2012, and a little before that since she had a manic episode starting in December 2011.  


I slowly saw my life come apart around me and I wondered what had happened to me that I missed all of the gradual changes that made everything from what it was when we got married, to what it was when she started having the manic episode.  It was as if I woke up and in my mind had missed years of the marriage and she was angry with me.  I could never do anything right, I was unattractive (she told me this, more than once, fucking ouch), and I spent every evening she was at work (5 or 6 a week) literally trying to figure out how to change myself or do things differently to make her happier and to make her want me and love me again.  


The rational thought never crossed my mind that something was wrong with her until mid January when we were conversing about something and she mentioned that she would have sex with other men if I didn’t have a problem with her doing it because it was “just sex”, there was no emotion involved.  Now I could’ve reacted a few different ways, and I haven’t always reacted the best to new information from her.  Realistically, berating your spouse for having a fantasy is probably a good way to NOT hear about the rest of them.  I think my cold, tingly internal feeling and “what the fuck?” was more appropriate having been told in the last month how wrong I was doing things and how unattractive I was-I felt threatened and I’d just heard that the only reason she wasn’t having sex with other men was because it would offend me.  In my head, if her reasoning had fallen to making me responsible for that choice, eventually she’d make the choice on her own and do it anyway.


A few weeks later she was spending a TON of time on her phone and sitting in ways that I couldn’t see the screen.  It was weird because she was getting emails or texts at a rate faster than I could count (which I later found out, was at a rate faster than she could count either, even in her manic state).  That lasted into the evening, I woke up and saw her on the phone in the middle of the night, and the same thing the entire next day.  I went to the store to get something and saw a weird email address that had the phone number as the name, and it was a number I didn’t recognize.  I had the password to her gmail accounts, so I checked out the inbox: nothing unusual; checked out the sent items: bingo.  She’d sent some sexy pictures of herself to an address I hadn’t seen before, but could piece together because it was the month and day of her birth (in 4-digit format) and her initials.  I convinced her to put the kids to bed, grabbed her phone and opened her gmail app; nothing.  Opened the browser, saw the gmail and subject lines, and died inside.  


The 2 months after that were probably the weirdest months of my life.  I don’t know that I have words to describe them.  I was in such a state of emotional shock that I would cry while driving to work, and dread coming home, but I was “happy” that we weren’t getting a divorce and that I was reaching out and getting a little revenge on one of those mother fuckers she was emailing who violated my sleeping area; not a physical violation.  On top of this she had started to tell me about her hypersexuality, which I had kinda been experiencing (finally, I felt attractive again!) but we didn’t know what it was, only that she was so sexually excited by anybody that showed interest that she would shake (her words).  


The only way that I can think of to describe it is being completely numb to the world without being drunk, not caring about anything that goes on around you, laughing at inappropriate situations, and happily embracing the impending doom with a Heath-Ledger’s-joker-like smile.  Madness.  


At the end of the 2 months she was acting weird again and writing excessive amounts in her “therapy” journal, and the next day it wasn’t laying about in the open like it usually was, so I figured some shit was going down, or was about to go down, and something was in the journal that I should know.  I read the journal, found out about the affairs, and felt my emotional heart beat for the first time in months.  I was PISSED THE FUCK OFF.  The next day we went to see her therapist, a previously scheduled appointment, and her psychiatrist, and she was diagnosed bipolar.  I really didn’t give a shit at the moment, I was still dealing with my own feelings.  I probably shouldn’t have gone with her.  It took me a few days, but I did finally start to read about what bipolar was and what that meant for us and our kids.


Anyways, I’m going to get back to slaying kids on Battlefield 4 and wait for bRaving to come home from dinner with her bipolar support group.  It’s so nice to have everybody back under the same roof again 🙂