Spent 2 days in bed…

Maybe not a full two days.  Friday afternoon we went to marriage therapy, then Chik Fil A for some post therapy lunch and home.  Between lunch and home I stood outside to use the bank ATM for about 5 minutes in hi 50-low 60 weather and when I got back in my truck I was uncontrollably cold.  So when I got home we took the kids to the playground and felt the same, plus an impending migraine.  So I came home and went to bed.  She had to go to support group, and I got up for an hour to get the kids to bed.  I had a severe body chill, and migraine, and my eyes hurt more than a migraine should.  So when the kids finally went to bed I went back to my bed and laid down.  The body chill and painful skin sensations continued for another few hours, during which I had to talk myself to calmness.  Not fun.  Yesterday after I woke up I had a day-long migraine, and painful eyes, so I took some store-brand tylenol all day and slept through it.  Today I wake up and feel rested, limber and 10 pounds lighter.  

Whew, it’s been a while!

Can’t remember the last time I posted!  We are back in marriage therapy, for maintenance of our marriage and improve communication.  We missed our second therapy appointment yesterday because a perfect storm of stupidity at work preventing me from leaving early, and extremely abnormal traffic on the road.  The homeschooling effort is going well, we actually kinda shifted to “unschooling”.  I won’t provide a detailed explanation of that here; suffice to say that the kids are much happier learning about what they want to learn.  Speaking of which, the wife and two oldest kids are going on a Homeschool Field Trip with another friend who also home schools, to D.C..  They’re going to check out the various monuments, museums and other educational spots there.  

On the plus side, New Balance exchanged the Minimus 3090v3 shoes that had a defect, and I got the Minimus 20v3 Crosstrainers.  Nice, because I can run again without killing my feet.  

bRaving Bipolar is doing ok.  She doesn’t like the cold weather, and is waiting for the spring weather.  She’s like a cat sometimes; she will lay on the floor in the sun.  She has taken to swimming over the last 6 months and has greatly improved her technique; she used to be afraid to stick her face in the water.  We have had some extremely volatile weather lately; in the 70’s one day and an ice storm a day later.  

Our oldest son gets his cast off next week, so hopefully his arm is ok!