Spent 2 days in bed…

Maybe not a full two days.  Friday afternoon we went to marriage therapy, then Chik Fil A for some post therapy lunch and home.  Between lunch and home I stood outside to use the bank ATM for about 5 minutes in hi 50-low 60 weather and when I got back in my truck I was uncontrollably cold.  So when I got home we took the kids to the playground and felt the same, plus an impending migraine.  So I came home and went to bed.  She had to go to support group, and I got up for an hour to get the kids to bed.  I had a severe body chill, and migraine, and my eyes hurt more than a migraine should.  So when the kids finally went to bed I went back to my bed and laid down.  The body chill and painful skin sensations continued for another few hours, during which I had to talk myself to calmness.  Not fun.  Yesterday after I woke up I had a day-long migraine, and painful eyes, so I took some store-brand tylenol all day and slept through it.  Today I wake up and feel rested, limber and 10 pounds lighter.  

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