Don’t thank a Veteran today

Today is not our day; today is a day to remember the fallen and departed.  If you say anything to a veteran, ask them how you can best commemorate the sacrifices of those members of the military no longer with us.  It means so much that our service is appreciated, but when thanks are given to us on Memorial Day it feels awkward.  It is an emotional day for us, as we remember those brothers and sisters in arms that didn’t come home, or are no longer with us.

If you asked me what you could do, I would say that you need to look up the names of the fallen, pick 3 and learn about where the came from, how they died, and who was left behind when they were gone; then pour a beer or shot of booze into the grass and give thanks in their name.  Always keep a special place in your heart for them; they gave up theirs for you.

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