Don’t know why I even try…

To survive being home with our families. They all smoke and bRaving Bipolar and I do not. My oldest son and I are affected the most, and it usually involves a lot of wheezing and difficulty breathing for days despite whatever over-the-counter medicine we take.

A positive note: we bought a 15ftx9ft tent for 20 bucks recently and gave it a try last night. Some lessons learned, my body isn’t as hard and camp-ready as it was when I was active duty, we need better padding for sleeping, more covers, and better lighting options. Preferably we could get some fold-up cots, but whatever. The kids and dog only took up 1/3 of the tent, so hell yes. Most of our gear sits around the tent (we don’t take much, a few backpacks. The dog took to sleeping on the tent as well, which is a huge plus!

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