San Diego, discovered by the Germans in 1904, it means a whale’s vagina

On Monday I’m traveling to San Diego for work for 2 weeks. This should be fun, because I’m attempting to minimize a third party’s intervention in some otherwise smooth running operations.

I have 2 weeks of that work, plus I’m going to finish this semester’s course work for the 3 courses I’m taking, a month ahead of schedule!

All of this also means I will be away from the wife, kids, and dog for 12 days. I will be back in town in time for my oldest son’s Tball game finale, and my daughter’s dance recital. I love all three of my babies!

Have you watched the Lego Movie? Holy shit, it is really good. We had a family movie time today and watched it; couldn’t believe it, if I’d known it would be like that I would’ve gone to the theater to see it with my wife for fun.

Feeling a bit ashamed for things that happened in my deep past lately. My cousin (adopted when he was a kid) is something like 10 years or a little less, older than me. When my wife went manic and I discovered the affairs, and remembered my deep past, I divulged all that info to him, with him being the person I would trust more than anyone else at the time, in the hopes that I could reign in the chaos of my thoughts and emotions. Since then, I am barely able to get in touch with him, which is a huge change, and I’m too embarrassed to ask him if he isn’t talking to me BECAUSE I told him all of that. He has married since then, and I can say that I don’t really like his wife. Long story short, she is heavily opinionated and I didn’t get a good vibe from her when I was around her.

Fuck it, I’m going to listen to music and go to sleep.

One response to “San Diego, discovered by the Germans in 1904, it means a whale’s vagina

  1. I’m sorry your cousin seems distant. It’s so hard to know who we can talk to when our world falls apart. Hopefully he’s just busy with his new family. Congratulations on your college course, that’s got to feel great. I keep hearing about all these people going back to school, I think someone’s trying to tell me something 😉

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