Keeping a Journal, and art…

So last time I got the mood to draw or do 3d stuff on the computer was when bRaving was manic and I was just way the fuck out there trying to find me in the rolling sea of my mind.  

This time, not at all the same.  I’m one and a half months away from finishing up my major classes, and 3.5 months away from finishing my undergrad completely.  

A season of change is upon us.

In order to help me keep myself grounded I’m keeping a journal, trying to focus my efforts into self-improvement.  After 3 days it’s already helped: I cleared a space in my garage for the Olympic bumper plate set and the bench so I can do things like bench press, squats, cleans, push press, whatever.  I also worked out after I came inside and re-hydrated, because it was 90-something degrees with no breeze in that garage.  Then I mowed the yard.

More todays, there have been too many tomorrows.

ass to grass


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