So, about family…

My grandma finally died.  I say finally as in “it fucking took long enough” and “I feel relieved now”.  I was quite disturbed at the way she was made to die.  More or less, she was given painkillers to keep her “sedated” and ativan to keep her anxiety in check while she slowly dehydrated and starved to death over a week and a half, with the only fluid intake being the pain med drip.  She had bleeding in three places in her brain and she would not have had a comparable quality of life to what she had before her fall, and she did not want to have anything sustaining her beyond her own abilities.  I’m not sad that she died, she was an amazing woman, lived a long life, traveled all over the world, and got to take care of her mother at the end of her mother’s life.  I’m sad about how she died, and I’m sad about how some family members are trying to grab things and run before my mother, the executor, has a chance to execute the will.  More or less, the scheme is that they grab assets and money and run so that they aren’t immediately responsible for the inheritance tax, and hope that the executor doesn’t have the finances or will to take them to court.


One response to “So, about family…

  1. 😦 I’m so sorry. I wouldn’t want that for my grandparents either, terrible way to die I agree. H’s family will surely do the same when his parents die, as he and his siblings aren’t nearby. it’s a shame.

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