Not forwards or backwards, stepped sideways.

So I took out a loan against my retirement last week to pay several bills that we were behind, and indulge myself a little bit.  I was tired of seeing city utility trucks and wondering if it were my water getting shut off, power trucks for my power, wondering if my car was getting repo’d.  I was only 2 months behind, but when a power bill gets big, and the late charges have to get paid, it all cascades and everything comes crashing down.  So now everything is current, some things are a month ahead, it costs me less to loan myself my own money per month than it did to pay late charges and we got both cars back on the road, which was a huge issue.

So while taking out a loan on what retirement savings I had at the age of 30 is not ideal, it will be paid back and the relief I feel right now was inconceivable 2 weeks ago.


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