2 posts in 1 night!

bRaving Bipolar is on a unique vacation this weekend; unique in the form of her being across the country in San Diego alone, with no responsibilities other than sleeping, waking, and eating.  She tells me that she has a LOT of trouble navigating the metro system out there.

Finding my words on what to write are so hard lately.  Tons of stuff to write about, just not sure what I should write about.  Lately my migraines have been back, in a frenzy.  Once a day, sometimes migraines that last more than one day.  Had an MRI a few nights ago, which caused a migraine.  Because of the MRI, I now know where dubstep comes from (I like dubstep, btw).

I have another appointment with my neurologist this coming Friday, so we shall see what he has to say about the MRI.  8.5 years after I was originally blown the fuck up the first time.  Hopefully, some answers will come out of it.

4 responses to “2 posts in 1 night!

  1. Migraines suck. I never used to suffer. I had a small headache maybe once or twice a year, but now I suffer migraines, and they last for days. PTSD from the affairs has got to have something to do with it all. And yours, well, that’s obvious. I hope you get some answers this time.

    • We shall see…I contacted some guys I served with, and we meet the criteria for the Purple Heart after they changed it. Technically we met it then, but there was some confusion on our part and miscommunication. I didn’t remember losing consciousness immediately because the first thing I remember seeing after being blown up and knocked out was flames shooting up the windshield and nothing else. Kinda makes you forget that you were ever knocked out and couldn’t remember where you were or how you got there.

      • Oh wow, that is so scary. I truly thank you for all you have sacrificed, really, from the bottom of my heart. I hope you guys get your medals, though I know that’s not why you served, you deserve that honor. Lets hope they figure it all out.

      • I would’ve sent statements and records in years ago except for the stigma against TBI type injuries, and I still feel weird about it, I still feel like I’m medal chasing even if I meet the criteria of the award and should be awarded it. The whole thing is just awkward and uncomfortable. The bigger issue is that I don’t have a copy of the medical records surrounding the incident that the Purple Heart stems from, so the medal will equate to official recognition from the Marine Corps that I did have a grade 3 concussion/loss of consciousness, so that when I make a claim with the Dept of Veterans Affairs next year for healthcare and compensation they won’t jerk me around too much. Ultimately, it isn’t “really” about having a medal, it’s about healthcare, but having the medal will validate all that time I spent on active duty trying to get treated and being told that I was full of shit and nothing was wrong with me.

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