Things are going swimmingly

Today we sent our kids to the first day of school for this school year.
My migraines are still all over the place and I sometimes worry if our partners are concerned about them. My wife is understanding and my partner is also understanding about it. Many times I’ll get a panic attack with the migraine. Not cool.

Speaking of my partner, we are all in a very happy quad relationship. No man on man, that was unanimous. They live 6 minutes away, have kids that are similar aged to mine, and my kids love playing with them.

So bRaving (my wife) went with space wizard (her partner) to get their nipples pierced, and I must say, bRaving’s piercings look good. That Halo chic (my partner) got her lip pierced, so we couldn’t kiss for a few days, but I think it’s mostly better now.

We’ve been using more than two as a resource and are members of a polyamorous group on Facebook to observe and ask questions. The experience has been very positive and fulfilling. Not only are our partners great in bed, we REALLY enjoy our time with them out of bed. Last time she was over we played split screen Halo 4 online. She is a force to be reckoned with.