New doodle


I got a new dry erase board at work and didnt have the mount to hang it up. So instead I decided to doodle on it and spent a few minutes illustrating the view that some course managers have of my office. Some notes: I work in academics and have oversight on curriculum development. A TPP is an important curriculum development document for the Navy. Training Project Plan-outlines the course purpose, scope, and resources requires. If they never involve us in their development and turn in a load of shit, they’ll get something back that looks like a binder of what the fuck dipped in a bucket of red pen. You have to have seen the movie 300 to get the picture. Im going to improve this and possibly make a series out of this, like adapting 300 to our office and recreating important scenes on my dry erase board instead of highlighting working tasks and important dates 😀

“I am the Master of my fate; I am the Captain of my soul.”