Goal to work towards…


So I happened to be cruising Military Athlete’s website today and noticed they had a training plan in their store called “GORUCK Challenge”. GORUCK is short for Go Ruck, or take your rucksack and go play. The picture displayed above is an example of a ruck. An 8 to 10 hour event, averaging 15-25 miles. I love ruck marches. I used to get myself pumped up carrying a pack full of shit on a contact patrol or an op to establish a listening post/observation post because when we got to where we were going, we were going to fuck somebody up. I carried that motivation with me every time I rucked, because it gets intense. Rucking is probably the one of the only intense events that feels better and better as I get more tired and the march gets more intense. This challenge incorporates team based events and draws heavily on military and leadership experience. This may be a good way to channel and focus a lot of the negative emotion I have going on right now. Forgot to mention, the picture above is my ruck. Made by Granite Tactical, the Special Mission Patrol pack is about 9x14x22, and weighs in at about 6 pounds empty. Has a kidney pad, padded waist belt (VERY important for distributing the weight from your shoulders and back to your core), a radio/hydration pouch, 2 ports up top and 2 ports on bottom for comm antennas, radio handsets and hydration kit tubes. Has a shit ton of MOLLE webbing for modular attachment of pouches necessary to store quick access items like first aid kits, ammo and demo. Bought it for a 3rd deployment, I didnt end up going because the Corps decided it wanted to send me to recruiting school instead, which is just as well because we were pregnant. Ruler present to give a size context.

“I am the Master of my fate; I am the Captain of my soul.”