The Mental Health Stigma is alive and well in the military

mh issue
This post graced my Facebook timeline today. It was made by a Staff Sergeant (E-6) in the Marine Corps. I know the guy, he’s the douchebag that got 2 people hurt so bad that one lost his arm and one with an extremely bad TBI. I digress.

The first comment is mine. The second comment is someone I’ve never met. If you think the military is doing a good job of erasing the stigma against mental health issues, you’re mistaken. It will take another 8 years before the NCOs and SNCOs (E-4 through E-7) have cycled out and are no longer in a position to treat Marines like this. Back in 2006 they still punished you if you had a mental health issue and couldn’t “fit in” like everyone else. Got demons and drink? NJP.

Clearly you aren’t responsible enough to take care of yourself, so fuck you, I’m going to take half of your pay, put you on restriction and extra duty. That will teach you to not have demons. I’m so sick of the zero-defect mentality; it is a delusion that kicking people out for these issues will make the Corps better in the short term or the long term. If you send the message that someone with a mental health issue, like PTSD, or TBI (TBIs do have an effect on the function of the brain, and can lead to depression, anger management problems, and cognitive errors) will be kicked out, those with the issues will no longer tell you because of the fear of being kicked out. This causes Marines to suffer for years, hiding their injury and living in shame that they are hurting and cannot confide in anyone. Their performance will degrade, and they may or may not spiral out of control. Ultimately their loyalty is not to the organization, it is to themselves-and why should it be to the organization when the organization would kick them to the curb because they were mentally injured doing what the organization asked them to do?

Have faith, however, because the 2nd commenter that I don’t know serves with the aforementioned douchebag, so there are people out there who will defend you if the shit goes down. Some people seek out the military because they get authority and they get paid to act like douchebags to people who cannot quit their job. The original poster is that guy.

Explosions in the vicinity of the Boston Marathon

First, this is a developing event so don’t run with “the latest report on Boston explosions!” as what it is.  We saw the problems when contradicting and fabricated information was released about the Sandy Hook incident, and it wasn’t pretty.  

Second, don’t assume that it was a terrorist attack, don’t assume it was a gas line explosion, don’t assume it was intentional, don’t assume it was unintentional.  Just assume that there were two explosions and no matter how much you “think” you know, just let it be.  Otherwise your imagination will take you on a frantic ride.

Third, every person/organization that you think might know something about what happened is already fielding calls from tens of thousands of other people with the same idea.  Stay off of your cellular device and let the network recoil from the usage that it is currently dealing with.

Fourth, stay calm and realize that this is currently an isolated incident, and you are safe.


After I piece together credible information regarding the events that took place I will summarize:

1.  What happened

2.  How it happened

3.  What it means

4.  What you can do to help

5.  What you can do to protect yourself and others.