SITREP: Testing, Tactics, Golfing and Pedicures


Our oldest son will be taking his nationally standardized test soon to identify “academic progress” to our local school officials.  I’d have to talk to my wife, but from memory we’re using one standardized in California.  Thus far, his “smarts” and ability to do the things we’ve tried to (un)school him to do have blown me out of the water.  He reads everything; EVERYTHING.  So when we pass the local strip club on our way to one of our family’s best friends, he can read all the words on the sign, he does it every time, he does it even though we’re passing it at 40mph, and he REMEMBERS ALL OF THE WORDS.  


I recently made a lock pick and tension wrench out of paper clips and picked a few locks in my office.  I was looking for a hobby and my house has locks everywhere.  My next project is to make a rake (lock pick style) and tension wrench out of the metal on a windshield wiper blade, since I have a pair here that is old and not used.

Will also be making a better holster for my Sig P226 Combat and spending more time on the range.  I haven’t shot in over a year, although I dry-fire extensively here at home [dry fire: the practice of pulling the trigger to simulate the necessary movements a user would need to make to engage the pistol.  The point is to practice holster draw, presenting the weapon to the target, practice sight alignment and sight picture, and trigger control].  The current holster I’m using is leather, but it was made for a Sig P220R.  They’re generally the same size and if it was a P226R, or any variant of the P226 OTHER than the Combat or Mk25, it would work.  The reason it won’t work is that the Combat and the Mk25 have a MIL-STD-1913 accessory rail instead of the curved rail that all the other P226R’s have.  So there’s my favorite pistol, and my new hat; made by VERTX, it’s the Kryptek: Mandrake pattern.  I just have to find a morale patch to put on the velcro in front.  Thinking about having one custom made, about Archer (the character in the show of the same name).  






Going golfing tomorrow with the husband of the previously mentioned family’s best friends couple.  Should be fun, we’ve been so busy we haven’t taken time for ourselves here at the house!


bRaving Bipolar convinced me to get a pedicure with her after our marriage therapy today.  I’m not sure about this…