San Diego pic challenge day 2

So for today’s picture challenge I left the hotel and went to a local Walmart.  What the fuck is up with people in San Diego?  Apparently the considerate thing to do is wander aimlessly in the center of the aisle, oblivious to everyone and everything around you, and get annoyed when someone (like me) wants you to move the fuck out of the way so we can get shit done.  Apparently I was the only person in that Walmart that wanted to get shit done.  

Anyways, here’s the good morning shot:





Apparently while at this Walmart you can get a career with the Marine Corps AND get your nails done:



Apparently Jack in the Box is really popular with everyone I know that’s spent time in Cali:



and a nice palm tree that I liked but my photo taking skills can’t do it justice:IMAG1378