Moving on

Just finished a semester of classes, while simultaneously starting another semester 2 weeks ago.  The last two weeks have been hell, trying to figure out how to pay for groceries, doctor appointments and gas to go to work with.  This plus all of the school work I’ve been doing.  Today was quite a scare; I had a proctored final exam, and my proctor waits until he and I are at the meeting place and time to tell me he hasn’t received the proctoring information.  Holy shit.  It’s a saturday, 10AM at that point, and the university staff are in California, so they probably aren’t even awake and active yet.  It took me 45 minutes to get to the meeting site.  AARRRRGHHH!!!!  So I send an email out and a couple of hours later the testing coordinator says that’s not the email she has on file for him, so she’ll resend it.  I’m thinking: great, she just resent it to the one he doesn’t have access to on the weekends.  I ended up being able to get it done.  It was fucking rough trying to get it done.  I also turned in an 11 page, plus title and works cited, research paper and got a 100% on it.  I was quite surprised, not because I thought I did a BAD job or a less than 100 job, but because this semester a good writing grade had been so elusive to me.  

Also got to do go to a cookout with some neighbors down our street, 3 houses down, that we never met.  They’re really cool, and I hope to be able to return the favor soon.  

I get to stay up late tonight, sleep in tomorrow, then go to the pool and start reading and working on this semester’s classes.  I’m taking 3 classes, which is just over full time; and it looks to be writing heavy.