Second expansion on the Massage for Bipolar post

Got a few ideas lately for massage and gave them a try on bRaving Bipolar this weekend.  At the time the result was, as verbally expressed from her, a success.  I got some ideas from a combination of YouTube, MobilityWod, and Rogue Fitness.  Ever had someone use a rolling pin (normally used for baking) on your calves, thighs and back?  Give it a try.  You can actually do it to yourself if you sit in a chair; quads, hamstrings, and calves.  A lacrosse ball is also a necessity; it can perform spot massages in a manner similar to the rolling pin, and be used to dig down deep and spare your hands and knuckles the exhaustion.  

I used a rolling pin instead of this “The Stick” sold at Rogue Fitness.  Not that “The Stick” is a bad product, I just didn’t have 27 bucks to spend, and 4 bucks at Walmart was much better than 27 bucks plus shipping.  If I was a serious athlete or my life depended on how fit I could make myself (i.e. I was still an active duty Marine infantryman) I would consider spending the 27 bucks; until then, I will stick with a rolling pin.  I can say for sure that when I did a heavy lifting day for cleans and squats, using a rolling pin before AND after helped IMMENSELY more than just practicing positions, warming up and recovery.  

I also used a Lacrosse Ball from Dick’s Sporting Goods; they’re about 2 bucks.  Just get one.  Use it to massage sore points and your neck if you have a headache; if you’ve been trying to massage yourself with your hands when you have a headache or sore points, the lacrosse ball will be a game changer.  

Because of the complexity of some of the techniques and the potential for injury, I won’t post specifically how to incorporate them into your routine (if you have one) yet.  If you DON’T have one yet, don’t start grand and try to use them first time; you need to do some serious research, and practice, and start light.  

A GREAT resource is Mobility WOD .  They have plenty of free videos; they switched to paid service, but still have free stuff available on their website and you can search for some of their stuff on Google and find it on other websites.