Keeping a Journal, and art…

So last time I got the mood to draw or do 3d stuff on the computer was when bRaving was manic and I was just way the fuck out there trying to find me in the rolling sea of my mind.  

This time, not at all the same.  I’m one and a half months away from finishing up my major classes, and 3.5 months away from finishing my undergrad completely.  

A season of change is upon us.

In order to help me keep myself grounded I’m keeping a journal, trying to focus my efforts into self-improvement.  After 3 days it’s already helped: I cleared a space in my garage for the Olympic bumper plate set and the bench so I can do things like bench press, squats, cleans, push press, whatever.  I also worked out after I came inside and re-hydrated, because it was 90-something degrees with no breeze in that garage.  Then I mowed the yard.

More todays, there have been too many tomorrows.

ass to grass


Update to the depression…

Talked to her doctor, and the doctor thinks that bRaving’s night of drinking temporarily altered her brain chemistry.

So far she’s on her way back up and as near as I can tell, it’s going well.

We talked a little bit about how her depression was affecting her, and she mentioned that she had suicidal ideations. Of course, that term may mean something different for each person, so I asked her to explain. I won’t list the explanation here, because I think that’s a bit too personal and not really my info to tell. Suffice to say, I was a little shocked, but in a good way, at least now I know.

So, she recently picked up more work with her at-home job of social media management. I’m proud of her and I hope we can deal with the stress of catching up history with her new clients. 3 of my classes are ending tomorrow, 2 more started on the 1st of August. Those 2 new classes are the last of my major, and will end on 15 October. On 1 October I will start 2 more classes, the last 2 classes of my undergrad, and will officially be done with my undergrad on 15 December.

I’ve been working at it 1 or 2 classes at a time, from scratch, for 7 years. I don’t know how I’ll feel after I get it.