Wife and kids are moving back to our home town in a few weeks.  This gets our oldest son in a school there, bRaving close to our families, our kids close to our families, and the three tornadoes out of the house so I can keep it market ready.  I’m going to miss them.  Now if someone would only hire me.

By the way, furlough sucks.  

Revisiting Massage for Bipolar

I’ve been getting a lot of visits on the “Massage for Bipolar” post lately and I’d like to revisit the topic a little bit.  

Massage is not the end-all tool for maintenance; there has to be some stability, and some other forms of release.  What makes massage so special for us is that it is spontaneous, it is also used as a way of showing affection, and it accompanies a period of freedom from responsibility from household duty for personal reflection or general “I do what I want!”.  

Rushing through a massage is a bad idea; rushing to try to find the techniques that your loved one enjoys most is also a bad idea.  It takes weeks or months to figure it out, and it takes intense concentration.  If you are giving a massage you shouldn’t check out and let your hands run on autopilot.  You need to find enjoyment in making them feel good.