Well now, if you go back to the very beginning of this blog in 2012 you’ll find a man desperate to recover from the shocking discoveries that his wife is bipolar and had been having sex with other men for months.  If you jump to May of 2015 you’ll find a man in a marriage that has evolved into a swinger’s marriage.  That’s right: I nearly committed suicide because I couldn’t reconcile the affairs and my internal struggle to decide whether to believe her or myself, and now we’re hunting other couples to swap and have sex with each other’s spouses/significant other.

In all of my life so far I would have never imagined that this, of all things, would have happened, but here we are.  So while you’re reading my life in blog posts, the biggest thing you should take away from all of it is this:

Change is a part of life and you have to be able to improvise, adapt and overcome.

Enjoy the ride, and happy hunting 🙂

–Original About listed below–

This is my experience of living with a Bipolar wife and recovering from her manic episode involving affairs. I love her more than life itself and would be lost without her. Writing on this blog is very therapeutic for me, and finding others in similar circumstances made me fee better, made me feel like I am not alone. The hardest part about my recovery so far is accepting what happened, and determining where to place the blame, if there even is any.
I would urge you to check out After the Betrayal for a nicely organized and active forum. This forum is open to the betrayed as well as the wayward, with resources for both.
If you have any questions, please email me at thepillarsofherearth@gmail.com. I would love to talk/ interact with more people in situations similar to mine. If you are just finding out about your, or your spouse’s condition, it helps to talk.image

7 responses to “About-Updated

  1. Wow, sorry that your wife has put you through so much pain. . . I am kind of shocked. I don’t know why I continue to think that only men cheat? To me, I cannot begin to understand why a woman would cheat. Double standard, I know, but I just don’t understand. I think you are very strong to continue to stay and try to work things out with your wife. John has cheated on me so many times, but I know if I cheated once he would be gone so fast my head would spin. There is that double standard again. However, cheating is not in my nature. I truly wish you the best and hope your wife can overcome this. . .

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my site and following along.
    I’m so impressed by your courage and candor. I also suffered from hypersexuality as part of bipolar disorder, and lost my husband to it. This compulsive behavior is the most shameful and guilt-ridden for me, so I imagine it must be for others, too. You’ve provided a wonderful resource.

    • My blog started as hoping to be a resource for other husbands, but since I’d met other people out there with similar situations, it is an educational tool for me and a place to put my thoughts down and get feedback from people who don’t have a personal investment in the situation. I appreciate your comments!

  3. LOVE the pic and wow…I just now came here to check it all out! Bipolar does fascinate me, as my ex, Grey, was also diagnosed years ago, but never took meds or sought other treatment, well…except the sex/porn addiction, which was another way for him to deal, I guess. Although he and I are no longer together, I can relate to a degree, and am so glad we connected, even if it was through twisty stuff!

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