Another ‘300’ themed sketch

At work, the managers of the courses we assist in developing curriculum frequently demonize us because we also check for errors and compliance to applicable order and regulations. My visual interpretation of their description of my last review of a Navy Course Training Task List. I did not help develop this, it isnt a course Im assigned, but I tore that mother fucker apart.

“I am the Master of my fate; I am the Captain of my soul.”

New doodle


I got a new dry erase board at work and didnt have the mount to hang it up. So instead I decided to doodle on it and spent a few minutes illustrating the view that some course managers have of my office. Some notes: I work in academics and have oversight on curriculum development. A TPP is an important curriculum development document for the Navy. Training Project Plan-outlines the course purpose, scope, and resources requires. If they never involve us in their development and turn in a load of shit, they’ll get something back that looks like a binder of what the fuck dipped in a bucket of red pen. You have to have seen the movie 300 to get the picture. Im going to improve this and possibly make a series out of this, like adapting 300 to our office and recreating important scenes on my dry erase board instead of highlighting working tasks and important dates 😀

“I am the Master of my fate; I am the Captain of my soul.”