Told her how I felt

Told bRaving Bipolar how I felt about our upcoming move (for those of you not familiar, she’s my wife).  She’s been living in our hometown for the last 2 months while I’ve been slowly getting the house ready.  After she left, and I had to go through furloughs, I had a change of heart and decided that the move wasn’t the greatest idea for our family.  I was holding back, and when she came in a few weekends ago she wanted to talk jobs; so I let her know how I felt.  We had some good conversation and I stuck through a very uncomfortable conversation, which I don’t normally do, and she worked with me.  


Some articles on mental toughness and pushing through adversity

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If you can’t read the SOFREP articles, the ITS Tactical article can be done independently; SOFREP has gone to paid service recently (which may be inconvenient, but they do good writing and I read/need the information, so I am more than happy to compensate their writers).  They might be military-based/related, but still relevant; on the Warrior Spirit article, your values are your values whether or not you’re in the military.